Juice it Up! Purple Energy Juice

Purple Energy for the win!  

Starting the day with some fresh juice is so refreshing and energizing.  This a one of my go-tos because I usually have everything on hand plus it's chock full of healthy refreshing goodness.  Beets are full of nitrates that your body changes into nitric oxide which helps with blood flow and blood pressure, plus it's also been found to help with maintaining endurance during exercise.  Carrot juice is super high in beta carotene as well as vitamin A.   Cucumbers are high in vitamin K which helps with blood clotting but it also is a great source of copper which helps make neurotransmitters which are the chemicals your brain cells use to talk to each other - basically cucumbers are great brain food.  Besides adding a bit of spiciness to the juice that I love, ginger is wonderful for digestion.  I like to add lemon to finish most juices that I make because it adds some brightness to the juice but it also is wonderful for cleansing the liver and has immune boosting powers.  

  • 1 beet- make sure you peel the rough outer skin off first if the greens are attached juice 'em up too - if not, no worries, you can also cut them off and sauté them with some garlic and butter for an easy dinner side
  • 1/2 a cucumber - my cuc this morning was HUGE so I only used half but if yours are on the smaller side use the whole thing
  • 3 carrots - as you can see from the pic mine were on the long skinny side so adjust as you need to
  • ginger - about 1-inch peeled - more or less depending on your love of the spice!
  • 1/2 lemon - my juicer doesn't do citrus very well but if yours does, throw that right in there with everything else, alternatively you can just hand squeeze it in there at the end like me :)

Juice it Up and Enjoy!

xx Katherine