I take a modern approach to therapy which is grounded in positive psychology while incorporating narrative therapy and motivational interviewing, along with mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy.

My work is based on the notion that it's not about finding what's wrong in our lives; it's about finding what's right and using that knowledge to move towards positive change and self-transformation.

I have an active and engaged therapeutic style.  In our work together, you can expect to gain insight, be supported and also challenged in a non-judgmental, caring environment.   We will work together to identify your unique goals as well as your obstacles to creating meaningful change while using innovative and practical strategies for forward movement with an overarching goal of leading a happier, healthier and more productive life.


Health Coaching

As a health coach, my focus is to help you to create your own health by working collaboratively with you. Health is about more than eating less and doing the physical mechanics of exercise, it's also about reducing stress, increasing rest, building confidence, being active and finding your personal sense of motivation.

Together we will work to integrate nutritional delicious tasting food with your life style, incorporate physical activity and improve your self-esteem to help you to feel motivated and excited about making positive, healthy changes.

I also offer group and couples sessions so that you can learn, grow and make positive changes alongside those who support you most in your life.  I want to help you to feel empowered to lead a more balanced and healthier life.

What Others Are Saying......


“I truly believe that the ability to be self-aware and to do “your own work” is a staple and essential skill of a good therapist as is viewing a person as greater than his or her problems and recognizing that there is a loveable and vulnerable person at their very core is the hallmark of good therapy. These are the qualities that Katherine exhibits in her work! I have known Katherine in a professional and personal capacity.  She demonstrates the greatest compassion not only for her friends and family but also for her clients and colleagues. She is able to bring forth the human-to-human connection that provides the foundation for change. Katherine is a highly skilled psychotherapist who is professional, warm and engaging. I would graciously refer any client to her”- Chantel Bland, LMSW


"Katherine is a highly skilled psychotherapist with the unique talent to exercise kindness, compassion, and empathy, while always maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with Katherine and I have seen how dedicated she is in her work with clients.  She addresses the challenges of her clients in a warm and caring manner and her humble  demeanor lends to the comfort level of everyone in her presence." - Marissa Capullo, LCSW